EFT Via Zoom Or In Person

If you want to break free of self sabotaging behaviours, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a fast, effective and gentle way of letting go of negative habits and beliefs that belong in the past, so you can carve out a more positive future.

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About EFT

EFT is similar to acupuncture, but you get to do it on yourself, by tapping the meridian points with your fingers.  It’s fantastic for rewiring your neural pathways, to reveal more helpful and empowering beliefs.

Special Offer: 6 one hour EFT sessions for £350

Pick a theme you want to work on, eg: ‘I deserve success’, or ‘having better boundaries’  and over the 6 sessions, we will dig into that theme, find out what’s holding you back and help you overcome it.

1 hour EFT sessions: £65

If you’d like a one off 1 hour session, it’s a great way to tackle and start to overcome feelings of anxiety or a particularly negative feeling that keeps cropping up for you.  It’s amazing what we can shift in an hour.  

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