You're more courageous than you think

Karen Webber & I did a creative drawing exercise this week, looking at how our ‘comfort zone’ had grown in recent years. We were blown away by the insights it gave us.

@goodnessmarketing and I are officially obsessed with the theme of courage. We’ve chosen it for our Wilderness Tonic Business Day Retreat on 17th May.  We’re particularly interested in the tiny acts of courage that us small business owners commit to on a daily basis that slowly and purposely build our businesses.  Yes, the big bold moves are great too, but if you can get into a groove with celebrating your little courageous wins, it can create a pretty incredible sense of confidence and momentum!
So the exercise we tested out was looking at how we
showed courage & got out of our comfort zones:
1) at the start of our businesses
2) over the past couple of years in 2021 and 2022
3) in the last 6 months
Then finally we asked ourselves how do we want to show courage and get out of our comfort zones in 2023
It was SO interesting. I discovered all the stuff I was scared of at the beginning of my business seemed laugable now. Running Instagram workshops back in 2017 was genuinely terrifying! Two years later it was a walk in the park.
I started to realise how getting over doing ‘a scary thing’ is a process and it looks like this:
1) at the start I’m telling myself: ‘that’s terrifying’ and  ‘it’s not something I’ll ever be able to do’ 
2) a few weeks later: ‘oh that’s not so scary now I’ve had a stab at it’
3) 6 months later: ‘why was I ever scared of that?! I’m quite good at that now’
Seeing that process evidenced in the courage drawing exercise again and again was a real confidence boost.  It made me realise most things aren’t impossible if you’re willing to give it a go! 
And it was a wonderfully enriching exercise for @goodnessmarketing and I to do together! We learnt so much about ourselves and each other and were so excited about all the insights bubbling up.
Perhaps you’d like to give this exercise a go yourself? Or even better, come and do it at at The Wilderness Tonic Retreat and enjoy the atmosphere of sharing it with other likeminded business owners.  Click here to find out more. It’s on Weds 17th May and tickets are £250.