the power of reflections and intentions

I have found that since leaving a full time corporate job, which I did for 13 years or so, I was struggling to find my feet and get any structure to my days

Katya Willems suggested I tried out intention setting with her. Now, those that know me may have picked up on my general cynical, p*ss taking take on most things – this was no exception. At first. Today, I’m a huge advocate of it.

I, like many I suspect, am very good at completing a set task. Do this to achieve this. I’m not great at thinking about myself and how I am, what I’m feeling. This had (has) a huge impact on me, if I’m tired, stressed, unmotivated etc. I’m a lot less likely to complete any task as well as I would want to. I’m also probably not that much fun to be around.

I find spending 20 mins or so once a week to not only reflect on what I have achieved in the past 7 days – small victories count as well as big stuff as well as setting my intentions for the coming week (and breaking those down into how I will achieve them) to be a very good way of keeping me not only focused on tasks but also on how I want to be feeling as well, I am very slowly changing from having the emotional depth of a brick to now being willing to talk about what I want and need emotionally

So yeah, why not try it? Write what went well in the last 7 days, what didn’t and what you learned from it and what you want to achieve in the nest week and 3 steps to help you get there