Old ways won't open new doors

I rediscovered this phrase recently and I've become obsessed, I keep saying it to myself because it's just genius.

If you read the blog last week you’ll know that I’m trying overcome some self sabotaging behaviour.  This behaviour involves me being convinced I’ve upset people all the time.  I’m also very prone to people pleasing.  It’s all very boring and exhausting and a waste of my time, so I’m ready to throw it all in the bin so I can get on with my life!!
Anyway, I feel like the phrase ‘old ways won’t open new doors’ holds answers for me.  These ingrained ways of people pleasing of mine are actually a habit.  My brain loves going down those favourite old neural pathways! I see someone with a neutral facial expression (usually Jamie) and it becomes an opportunity for me to dissect that facial expression for the rest of the day and decide I’ve done something wrong!
Anyway I like the idea that perhaps I could almost surprise myself out of these favoured thought patterns when they occur by doing SOMETHING UNEXPECTED!  Perhaps when I notice I’m going negative, I could do a cartwheel or do a yoga pose or go for a run, and almost trick myself out of these tiresome thought spirals.
And I LOVE the phrase, because it reminds me of the value of just experimenting in life. Jump on a bus and see where it takes you.  Listen to a podcast you wouldn’t normally listen to and see what it brings you. Buy some food you wouldn’t normally consider eating and be curious about the experience. Shake up your day in tiny ways and I bet you’ll feel energised.