Mini daily micro adventures

You don't have to be jumping into waterfalls to be having microadventures!

You can do tiny stuff in your day to day life that challenges you and will make you feel alive.
One of my proudest acheivements this week was getting back on my bike.  I used to be big into cycling.  Not because I was any good at it, I just really valued it as a cheap and healthy mode of transport.
On Friday I was attending a coworking event in Cheadle Hulme. The venue was 2.7 miles from my house.  I committed to cycling there.  But when it came round to it, I nearly got in my car.  It was a hassle transporting all my heavy coworking stuff in a rucksack, and it looked like it was gonna rain AND I was late.  All reasons to take the easy route of jumping in the car.  Luckily, I knew I would feel pretty epic if I followed through on the cycling, so I managed to drag myself onto that bike! 
It wasn’t sunshine and roses, I found the cycle a bit boring and I was impatient to get to Cheadle Hulme! Cycling takes a while!!! But thankfully all those feel good chemicals were buzzing through my body by the end of it! And I was VERY PROUD of myself.  And it meant that when I walked into the coworking event (that I was actually a little nervous about) I had a very relaxed, happy energy about me, which was ideal for meeting a bunch of new people!
So my challenge to you this week, is to do something in your day to day life a little out of your comfort zone and see how you feel afterwards. Perhaps you could smile at a stranger, or suggest meeting up for coffee with someone you’d like to become friends with. Or if you run a business, why not create a behind the scenes reel? Let me know how you get on! 
And if you’d like to commit to a bigger microadventure, why not book a 1:1 microadventure with me