Main Character Energy

I saw a book with the title ‘main character energy’ and it ABSOLUTELY spoke to me!

As a woman I’ve blended into the background my whole life. Yes, you may see me as colourful and brave, but my default is still to downplay myself.
I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this.  I’ve achieved some pretty incredible things in my career and in my life generally, but somehow I don’t fully connect to that.  So I can slink into a wall when an opportunity comes my way, because I don’t think it’s meant for me.
Which is why the idea of  ‘main character energy’ completely inspires me. It’s a choice.  I can go beige and quiet or I can take up space and radiate.  I want to start boldly putting myself forward for things!
I’m at a point in my business where I really want to ramp things up and approach corporates about doing microadventures with us, and I feel like main character energy is going to come in super handy for that!  
I’m treating main character energy like a new hat.  I’m going to strut around in my new hat and see what it feels like and see if anything changes as a result.  
As I speak to you right now, I must admit I’m feeling a little flat and tired. Which is ok, I can’t be main character vibes ALL the time – that would be mad!.
However, there have been many occasions this week where I have seriously owned the room! Because I gave myself permission to take up space.  And it was not only joyful, but led to some interesting business opportunities.
Anyone fancy giving main character energy a whirl? I’d love to hear how you get on!