Live More, Screen Less

Recently I've been reflecting on my relationship with my phone and realised it's definitely not healthy!

I reach for my phone without even consciously noticing I’ve picked it up.  Then I flick through Whatsapp, Instagram, LinkedIn and maybe some other apps. 
I definitely don’t need to do this 101 times a day, which embarassingly, probably is how many times I am checking it.
The thing is my phone is so integral to my life now – whether that’s making payments or using my OS app,  that it’s with me at all times.  Having a phone necklace isn’t helping me either…
So I’ve been brainstorming with friends about how to reduce the time I spend on my phone. Luckily I realised it had to be an approach that was both realistic and  fun.  At the end of the day my phone is still a really important tool for me. Especially alongside building a business.
And yay, I came up with an idea that I LOVE!!!! I’ve set myself a challenge, to do a 30 day abundance challenge but in relation to my phone this time.
I’ve got myself a notebook, and I’m noting down the good things that I experience when I spend chunks of time away from my phone.
I’m on day 5 of the challenge now and it’s 100% incentivising me to use my phone less, and I’m noticing LOVELY things. Eg I feel so good in the mornings if I avoid my phone for a couple of hours. I sit in the garden and eat my breakfast and journal instead. Which is just lush.
I’m also noticing that I just have a better, more flowing day if I spend less time on my phone.  I’m more present and I feel more wholesome.
I’m curious how I’m going to feel by day 30 and how many lovely experiences I will have had by then! Will things actually start to really change in my life as a result?
Anyone else fancy joining me on my phone abundance challenge?