Let's Rest More

My friend Sara and I realised we needed some intentional time out, so we committed to a rest day

A few weeks ago I was feeling frazzled, exhausted, overwhelmed and jumbled.  And I said to my friend Sara that I wanted to have the excuse to just lie in bed all day with some magazines.  But not in my own home.  I wanted to be somewhere else, so I could properly escape normality.
And that was when the idea for rest day was born.  Sara suggested we take our vans out in nature and spend the day CHILLING OUT with no agenda!!
We also decided to throw in a section of ‘no speaking’ into the day.  So that we could properly let our brains relax.
So, on Thursday this week, we headed to a beauty spot in the Peaks and had a wonderful day.
We had 2.5 hours in the morning separately in our vans, not speaking to each other.  Sara read the papers and did some journaling and I ended up listening to music and staring at the gorgeous view.
Then we reconvened for lunch. Together we prepared a very delicious salad – with toasted seeds and avocado and homemade dressing. It was a joy to chat and chop and compare notes on our mornings.
I’m DEFINITELY going to do this again! We need to give ourselves permission to NOT BE PRODUCTIVE and instead to intentionally rest and play. Ps if you’d like a little taster of our day, watch this reel.
Do you think you can commit to carving out some time this month to do your version of a rest day (or even a rest hour)?