Just what is a microadventure?

We have been asked a lot what we mean by microadventure since deciding to start our business. People are normally quite surprised when we tell them that it is basically anything which gets them out of their normal routines.

We tend to associate adventure with huge, epic, large scale, often dangerous trips to far flung exotic places. Whilst these are (I’m sure) wonderful and fulfilling, they are also probably out of reach for the vast majority of us.

Katya and I want to offer normal everyday folks (like us, and like you (yes even you!)), the chance to experience something a little different. An activity they that would normally make them think: ‘oh I’d like to try that, but it’s not for me’ or ‘I wouldn’t know how to even try that out or who to go with’.

That can be something physical like indoor climbing, paddleboarding, a walk in a forest or hills for sure, but it could also be a cooking class or a retreat day just as easily.

For example, I have recently been having a microadventure with our back garden. For a long time it’s been left in a fairly sorry state, but recently with the fine weather we have been having, I have been spending time tending to the beds and getting rid of the weeds. I also took great joy in finding a load of weary looking plants reduced in a local garden centre and have bunged them into the ground to see what happens.

I found the simple act of surrendering myself to a task that I wouldn’t normally do was great for my focus. It allowed my mind to wander and think more clearly about things. That is the joy of a microadventure – it gives you space for clarity of thought and new ideas.

We are all guilty of the head down, charging about as fast as we can approach to life. Is this really the best way to be kind to ourselves? Or is allowing yourself time for yourself perhaps, maybe, a better way?