Inch your way out of your comfort zone

I think having a very tiny shift in behaviour actually counts as an adventure, because it's still thrilling, scary and difficult!

I’ve just got back from a 5 day trip to Belgium and I feel like I got out of my comfort zone in a significant way.
I booked an airbnb where I had a room in someone’s house rather than an independent flat.  Normally I actively seek accommodation where I can be independent, with my own bathroom/kitchen etc, so I can have complete privacy.  But I found an airbnb that I LOVED so much which was just a room.  So I thought – ‘Why not? This will test me in a good way’.
Admittedly it wasn’t a wild, life changing decision, but it was pretty significant for me. The idea of having to interact with strangers and sharing a bathroom with them felt like a combination of scary and awkward.
Well do you know what?  It worked out just lovely! I had a HUGE room to myself and loads of privacy. And the couple who lived in the house gave me space, but were there if I needed anything.  I also developed a lovely rapport with them – they are both very eco and down to earth, so I felt a real connection with them.  And booking a room rather than a private flat is LOADS cheaper too.
I feel like doing that has opened up lots of possibilities for me about booking accomodation in the future.  And it’s also made me consider, why is it that I’m so fearful of ‘shared bathrooms’ and staying in a shared house? The truth is, I think part of it is that I want to be the perfect guest – and not bother anyone.  And that’s harder maintain when people are around! Also, I guess there’s a lack of control when you share a house.  You don’t quite know what to expect. 
This positive experience is definitely going to encourage me to be a bit braver about being around people.  I’m always good at events for a few hours, but longer situations I can be scared of, because I can’t maintain my social super friendly front for that long!! So I tend to avoid situations that may expose the true cranky me ha ha! But maybe I don’t need to do that anymore.
I’d like to encourage you to look for opportunities in your life to inch your way out of your comfort zone.  Don’t pick anything too intimidating, just little things that you know will gently challenge you.  See how it feels.  Let me know how you get on.