go make a mess cos it will work out in the end

This weekend I did a sketchbook workshop and we were actively encouraged to make imperfect, messy work. It was a fantastic business and life analogy!

The two day process of creating the sketchbook with Fiona Wilson involved a lot of textures and layering. We used stencils and stamps and painted with all sorts of colour concoctions. There were many moments when I literally wanted to rip up what I’d created, I felt they were so ugly! But Fiona assured us that we were creating a background and we could adapt or disguise anything we really hated along the way.
So I now have a VERY cool sketchbook! There’s still some stuff that I’m not 100% happy with, but I’ve got the materials to keep working on it and honing it and to just keep enjoying the process!
It reminded me SO much of starting Katya’s Microadventures.  Back in February when we launched the business in earnest I put an insane amount of pressure on myself and Jamie to get things moving. I wish I had just trusted and embraced the messy evolution of building a business.  As I discovered with the sketchbook, once you realise the mess is an important part of it, you start to feel really free and joyful about it.  
I’m now trying to be super chilled about Katya’s Micrcoadventures.  The whole point of building this business was to personally have fun and live more, as well as to help people to do the same.  Of course we are going to be bumbling around, exploring things and experimenting. Let’s own it and celebrate building those messy layers and trust that it will all work out in the end!