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Feeling Cherished Rewires The Brain

Feeling Cherished Rewires The Brain

I recently listened to a Tara Brach Podcast called Loving Ourselves into Healing. It resonated so deeply that I listened to it 3 times.

I’ve become increasingly aware over the past few years that a lot of my own negative patterns of behaviour stem from childhood trauma. I’ve spent a lot of my adult life in fight or flight – over working, over delivering & being over proactive & exhausting myself. I have realised that it’s because I feel like I’m not enough. Deep down I feel that simply being me is going to get me scapegoated (thanks parents), so I’d better add extra bells & whistles to make myself lovable & safe.

Tara explained that the very best way to heal is to accept love & also love ourselves. Not that that is easy.

Loving Yourself Takes Discipline

My understanding is that loving ourselves takes dedication & practise. It helps to slow ourselves down to notice & unpick when we are judging ourselves. We’d never criticise our friends in the severe way we judge ourselves. We have to stop to notice our negative self talk & try to give ourselves love instead.

I’ve been journaling about this, & I think mindful activities are my best way to love myself – art, walks in nature, playing guitar & doing kundalini. Through these practices I experience a sense of appreciation & calm, & can be kinder to myself. I’ve started to understand that over striving is a form of hurting myself & I want that to stop.

This is all a work in progress, but it feels like the right path to me, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Learn To Love Yourself More

If you’d like to learn to love yourself more – EFT is such a great way to tap into that. , I offer EFT – it’s 6 x 1 hour sessions for £300. Email me to find out more.  You can do EFT in person or on Zoom.