Change is f**king hard

There's no dressing it up, Jamie giving up his job and us starting a business together has been harder than we ever imagined.

I bloody LOVE change.  It defines me.  My adventurous spirit is at the core of who I am.  I’m always hungry for new experiences.
Despite that, I do actually find change REALLY hard! 
Jamie and I kind of jumped off a cliff together back in November when he left his corporate job so we could start Katya’s Microadventures. We didn’t think through the details.  We just felt that it would all work out.
Turns out detonating the entire structure of your life and your identities and dropping a very secure income is actually a REALLY HARD THING TO DO! Who’d have thought it!?
Whilst there’s been a lot of excitement with the new business, there’s also been a lot of tension, paralysis and confusion.  We often just don’t know what the f**k we’re doing.  How do you build structure and routine and purpose out of nothing?
Well slowly slowly, that is all coming together.  Here’s some of the things that have helped:
  • putting business meetings in the diary about specific topics (instead of relying on casual conversations)
  • establishing boundaries (realising that maybe it isn’t acceptable to start talking about the business at 6.30am when the other person has just opened their eyes)
  • setting goals every week
  • engaging with our budget together and having uncomfortable conversations about our spending habits and priorities 
  • admitting to each other where we need help and where we feel a bit lost
  • having a 3 min gratitude and planning meeting at dinner every day. We ask each other: what went well? what did you learn? what’s your intention for tomorrow?
It’s proving to be a painful learning process for us both to be so vunerable and lost in many ways. But it’s also powerful and exciting stuff.  A new, stronger version of us is emerging.
If our experience of embracing change resonates with you, email me as I’d love to hear about it! 
And if you’d like to talk about an area of change you are embracing or want to embrace in your life, why not book a 1:1 microadventure with me? I’m a great sounding board and being outdoors helps you to get a fresh perspective on things you’re keen to change.