Embrace the Power of Microadventures

Are you ready to unlock the tremendous potential hidden within your workforce? It’s time to recognize the value of microadventures and how they can positively impact your business while nurturing the well-being of your employees

Let’s rest more

My friend Sara and I realised we needed some intentional time out, so we committed to a rest day

The Joy of Forest Bathing

I’ve recently been experimenting with forest bathing. It’s amazing how powerful it can be to allow yourself to sit quietly in nature for 10 or 20 mins.

Just what is a microadventure?

We have been asked a lot what we mean by microadventure since deciding to start our business. People are normally quite surprised when we tell them that it is basically anything which gets them out of their normal routines

Live more, screen less

Recently I’ve been reflecting on my relationship with my phone and realised it’s definitely not healthy!